”He’s entitled to go down”

It may seem that we are reaching an era in which top football pundits and commentators seem to not entirely understand the laws of the game, and with diving a huge issue that is cropping up at the moment, the important people in the game are just speaking absolute nonsense.

One of the phrases which is used often is ”He’s entitled to go down,” which clearly can never be as you should go down when you cannot stay on your feet, not because a defender brushed your foot and you feel you are ‘entitled’ to go crashing down to the ground as if you’ve been shot.

Putting it this way, in a pub, trying to impress your mates, if you get slightly clipped on the heel, you most certainly are not going to jump to the ground rolling around in agony, so why do it on a football pitch? Contact certainly does not mean that you have a right to dive to the ground, as otherwise football would be a non-contact sport, but everyone knows it’s okay to have a bit of argey bargey every now and then, and what ever happened to the shoulder to shoulder rule?

Overall, diving needs to stop, but also, pundits need to sort themselves out and  learn the laws of the game that they are supposed to be experts at.