Winter Woes

The proposed 2022 Winter World Cup in Qatar is set to destroy the European leagues, especially the English Premier League. When awarding the tournament to Qatar, FIFA, who many people have suggested are full of corruption and bribery, clearly didn’t think about the consequences of 22 men running non-stop for 90 minutes in searing heat, and fans with only a couple of bottles of water trying to walk around the area. The idea they came up with was to stage the tournament in the Winter, when it will not be as hot, but this would cause huge disruption to all European leagues, especially the Premier League with the special ‘Winter Schedule’.

Players will come back to an extremely busy fixture list very tired, and some of the best players in the world could miss key fixtures for their sides. It would be utter mayhem and there would be no time to prepare, meaning that we would not be seeing great quality, and as world cups only come around once every four years, players won’t be able to take full advantage of their life dream.

Also it would change tradition, and as well as this, people have suggested that the final could be played two days before Christmas. Now, for the fans watching at home, that would be great. it would be the perfect Christmas treat. But for the players however, not so great. They would struggle to get back to their families in time and, especially for the losing side, it could ruin their annual festivities.

Overall, FIFA clearly need to sort themselves out, and start thinking about the problems that it would cause for the rest of the footballing world.